Fourth Death Confirmed in South Korea’s Worsening MERS Outbreak


A fourth person has died in South Korea after being diagnosed with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), health authorities have confirmed.

The 76-year-old man passed Thursday as he was being treated for the virus in a public hospital, the state-backed Yonhap News Agency is reporting.

Public health officials say five new cases of the respiratory virus have been identified. Forty-one people in total have been diagnosed nationwide with the potentially fatal viral disease.

Officials this week also ordered more than 1,500 people to self-quarantine after they unknowingly attended a meeting with a physician who was infected with MERS.

According to CNN, the doctor attended a symposium in Seoul in late May despite experiencing MERS-related symptoms. He was finally diagnosed on June 1.

The outbreak has introduced large-scale anxiety into South Korea, forcing officials to close hundreds of schools and spurring thousands of tourists to cancel scheduled vacations in…

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At least 150 dead after gas station explodes in Ghana

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: The deadly gas explosion left dozens dead in Ghana’s capital. President John Dramani Mahama visited the scene on Thursday, calling the death toll “catastrophic.”

ACCRA, Ghana – The death toll from a huge gas station explosion and flooding in Ghana’s capital has more than doubled to 150 people, the president said Thursday night.

Dozens of people had sought shelter at the gas station and in nearby shops in central Accra to escape the torrential rains at the time of Wednesday night’s blast. Flooding swept fuel being stored at the station into a nearby fire, triggering the explosion that also set ablaze neighbouring buildings, officials said.

The West African nation will observe three days of mourning with flags flying at half-staff, and the government will allocate about $12 million for relief operations and to repair damaged infrastructure, President John Dramani Mahama told journalists before heading into an emergency meeting.

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Revealed: MI5 blackmailed child sex abusers

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Is It Ethical to Leave Uncontacted Tribes Alone?


It’s not entirely fair to say that a single hug killed 4,500 people, but it’s not entirely wrong either. The hug happened in August of 1910, when an effort by a Brazilian military engineer to lure members of the isolated Nambikwara tribe out of the Amazon bush at last produced results. The engineer had spent the previous 14 months stocking a so-called attraction front—a small outpost that included a fruit and vegetable garden and tools that the Nambikwara were welcome to take.

Finally, the chief of the tribe and six companions showed themselves. The man from the outside world embraced the man from the forest world, and somewhere in that moment, pathogens were surely passed. Three generations later, the tribe that had initially numbered about 5,000 was down to just 550 people—many of them killed by influenza, whooping cough and even the simple cold, diseases they had never encountered and…

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Ordinary Women Doing the Impossible

Hwaairfan's Blog

Ordinary Women Doing the Impossible
(Women Peace Activists Find a Way to End War)

By Hwaa Irfan

When one sees or hears of history repeating itself, when a country plunges itself into the seemingly unending nightmare of civil war, and barbarism ensues, the anguish can be intolerable. More intolerable it is to be caught up in the middle of such a war, as abuse on a wide scale sets in. Liberia is one such case, with the exception that it was ordinary women, Christians, and Muslims together, who changed the fate of their country.

The Place

Liberia is a country of 5,000 square miles in West Africa. Before the civil war it was a country rich in culture, and natural resources, with large doses of hospitality.

Liberia was a main supplier of rubber to the Allied Forces in WWI, and the U.S.’s main entry point to West Africa. As a…

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All-Female Militia who Hunt African Rhino Poachers*

All-Female Militia who Hunt African Rhino Poachers*.

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All-Female Militia who Hunt African Rhino Poachers*

Hwaairfan's Blog

All-Female Militia who Hunt African Rhino Poachers*

By Jack Mulvany

The seemingly unquenchable demand for rhino horn as a folk medicine, especially in East Asia, has put the African rhino on top of the hit list of poachers, placing one of the planet’s most magnificent animals on the endangered species list. And perhaps even more odious than the slaughter of rhinos for so-called “medicinal” reasons is the killing of elephants for little more than a tusk trophy, a trinket to dangle obscenely over some fireplace.

Government agencies and international organizations like CITES and the African Wildlife Foundation are all doing their bit to protect the rhino and the elephant populations. But despite their best efforts, the rhino population of Africa has dropped by 96 per cent in the past 50 years, due almost exclusively to the greed of the poachers and the ignorance of those who purchase their…

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