Ed Snowden just took a dainty little bite of the hand that feeds him


Former CIA officer and NSA contractor Ed Snowden has taken a surprising swing at his new home, accusing Russia of ‘arbitrarily passing’ new anti-privacy laws.

The sideswipe struck an odd note in an otherwise triumphant op-ed published in the New York Times Friday, in which Snowden celebrated recent moves by Congress and the U.S. courts to end the NSA’s call-tracking program, which Snowden said followed “nearly every phone call in the United States.”

Snowden fled to Russia after exposing the scale of NSA snooping two years ago, receiving first asylum, then a three-year residency permit, from President Vladimir Putin.

However, Russia has been busy cracking down on internet and media freedoms in general since Snowden’s arrival, banning majority foreign ownership for mass media, and drafting new laws to make sure that restrictions on promoting ‘extremism’ also apply to bloggers as well as news sites and publications. Like many other countries…

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