Ordinary Women Doing the Impossible

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Ordinary Women Doing the Impossible
(Women Peace Activists Find a Way to End War)

By Hwaa Irfan

When one sees or hears of history repeating itself, when a country plunges itself into the seemingly unending nightmare of civil war, and barbarism ensues, the anguish can be intolerable. More intolerable it is to be caught up in the middle of such a war, as abuse on a wide scale sets in. Liberia is one such case, with the exception that it was ordinary women, Christians, and Muslims together, who changed the fate of their country.

The Place

Liberia is a country of 5,000 square miles in West Africa. Before the civil war it was a country rich in culture, and natural resources, with large doses of hospitality.

Liberia was a main supplier of rubber to the Allied Forces in WWI, and the U.S.’s main entry point to West Africa. As a…

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