UK Schools Are Making Muslim Children Take ‘Counter Extremism’ Tests*

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UK Schools Are Making Muslim Children Take ‘Counter Extremism’ Tests*

In recent days, images of a ‘counter extremism’ test set specifically for Muslim school children by UK schools have been shared widely across social media. The case highlights a deepening prejudice towards the Muslim community across the Western world which echoes the hysteria of McCarthy era America.

At the height of the “Red Scare“, an anti-Communist mania in the United States, people were propagandised into a pathological hatred/fear of Russia, Russians and ‘Sympathisers’. Images like those below were commonplace. A mass hysteria was whipped up that there was a ‘Red’ under every bed, behind every tree, and lurking around every corner, just waiting to destroy America.

The terror led to some of the most repressive laws ever to pass through the United States legislative systems.

Prime among them was The Internal Security Act of 1950 (often referred to as the McCarran…

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